About Blind Golf Canada

Blind Golf Canada was officially founded in 2012, and in 2022 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Blind Golf Canada was founded as a not-for-profit organization, and we are currently in the process of securing our charitable status with the Government of Canada.

The organization is run by the Board of Directors, all of whom are visually impaired and/or blind. BGC has a Constitution, Bylaws and we are responsible for maintaining and providing the rules of blind golf for any Canadian blind golf organization, and competitions hosted in Canada.

Canada is a member country of the International Blind Golf Association, and along with thirteen other member and five associate-member countries, we host events in Canada, and our eligible blind golfers participate in tournaments held around the world.  Our own Canadian Open Blind Golf Championship, hosted inaugurally in 1997, is a bi-annual event and is always a prominent stop on the IBGA tour. 

Canada has hosted two of the most successful World Championship events held to date; Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2002, in Truro, Nova Scotia in 2012, and we are pleased to announce we will be hosting the 2025 IBGA World Blind Golf Open at The Greens at Renton, in beautiful Simcoe, Ontario.

At Blind Golf Canada it is our mission to:

  • To develop and promote competitive golf along with true sportsmanship amongst blind and visually impaired golfers in Canada wishing to play at a provincial, regional, national and/or international level.
  • To establish and maintain a calendar of national and international events as a member country of the International Blind Golf Association.
  • To establish and maintain a handicap system so that members of Blind Golf Canada may compete at IBGA sanctioned events, or other international blind golf events.
  • To establish a Canadian Blind Golf Open Championship for blind and visually impaired golfers from Canada, the USA and other IBGA member countries.