Thou Shalt Not Cheat! Golf Monthly’s 10 Golfing Commandments

The 10 Commandments give many people a framework for living their lives. But what would a similar golf-specific code look like? Here, we’ve listed our 10 non-negotiables.

Many people around the world use the 10 Commandments as the moral basis for their existence. They provide a guide for how to live your life; the equivalent of golf’s etiquette, if you like. It got me thinking – what would a similar code in a golfing context look like? From slow play and cheating to negativity and rules, these are my 10 Golfing Commandments.

Do not cheat

An absolute fundamental of our sport. Golf has always been a game of integrity and honesty and there’s no place at all for cheating, even if it’s something seemingly innocuous. You’re damaging the fabric of the game and you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Always be aware of others around you